Bulk materials and construction services

Our division for transports and earthworks has been around since the 1990s. We do all the work involved in tillage, such as excavation, dredging work, leveling, and drainage. We also dispose of contaminated materials upon request.

With our low loaders, we transport construction equipment and machinery directly to your construction site. In addition, we sell and deliver all kinds of bulk materials, such as crushed stone, lava, gravel, sand, stone, and topsoil. Our sale of sifted topsoil, completely free of stones, is of particular note.

Our vehicles

  • 3x 40-ton trucks with trailers
  • Two sizes of lift truck
  • Leveling roller
  • Large excavator & mini excavator
  • Plate compactor
  • Low loader

Dredging work

We have the right excavator for every purpose.

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Low loader transports

We transport machines safely to their destination with our low loaders.

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Whether excavating or leveling, we'll take care of it.

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Problems with moisture? We lay professional drainage.

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All kinds of bulk materials

Whether lava, gravel, sand, gravel or stones - we deliver to you.

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With us you get the best topsoil without any stones.

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We would be happy to support your construction site with the necessary materials and machines.

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